Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Prayers work Ya'll

I just had to jump on here (while Noelle is sleeping) and let you all know how much I have felt your prayers. Noelle felt them too and she is doing MUCH better. She and I have been so much happier yesterday and today. Last night she did her normal 4-6 nap (which is still a bit long for an afternoon nap) and still went to bed at 8:30 and woke at 7 a.m. for feeding went back to bed and slept till I had to wake her to leave to take Micah to school. Then today she napped from 11:30 -1:15 a.m. and now just went down (very quick) at 4 p.m. I really have no idea what was wrong with her the past week or so. I'm so very, very thankful she realizes naps are good for her too. I just wanted everyone to know how much I appreciate you thinking of us and praying for her to get back on schedule. I really hope this lasts.

She is still crying to be nursed and it's hard to reject her right now since all I want is her to be back on her schedule. So I am doing whatever it takes to get her happy and ready to sleep. Hoping I can make some more cutbacks after she gets back into a routine. I really appreciate these small naps now. An hour makes so much of a difference.

After being cooped up in the house for 2 days it felt so good to get out. Micah had a good day at school and Noelle and I took a short trip to Hobby Lobby. I grabbed a cute "Gather" sign for my kitchen I have wanted for a while. Then I came home and played with NJ, did some laundry and watched, "Fuller House." I wanted to clean more, but when she slept I just wanted to chill for a bit. I haven't been able to sit and watch something myself in so long.

Micah wanted to take a picture with Noelle when we got home today from picking him up and he grabbed her and smiled so big, but sister was not in the mood for a picture. It's funny how cute he is with her though. He tries to tell her that we want a picture, but she definitely doesn't want to sit and smile for a photo these days.

 Micah learning how to draw an M. Please don't mind the beautiful background.

Anyways, wanted to hop on here and let ya'll know I'm back to myself a bit more now. I had a rough couple of days, but feeling like a new mom with some rested babes!!

Love you all

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

fighting sleep

We are still struggling over here to take naps. Doctor said it's normal for her to be off schedule after going on a trip out of town. She is reluctant to take naps during the day, but goes to sleep fine at night now. Probably because she is exhausted from the day. I'm still trying to not stress about it, but the day seems extremely long when naps only last 30-40 minutes. I seriously can't get anything done. And I mean ANYTHING. And here I am again, just put her down 20 minutes ago and she is already crying. I am really not enjoying this time. She is so much happier when she sleeps, and I know how important sleep is.

Today is so cold out. I really want to get out and do something with the kids, but no where to go and nothing to do. I think some schools even closed today. I really don't even know why. Micah has been so sweet to Noelle lately. He realizes she is going to be his pal now and he tries to play with her. He tells her how much he loves her and gives her eskimo kisses.

Yesterday we were playing with some legos and the barn animals. He was being one of the horses and acting mean to the other animals. He said, "the horses don't have Jesus in their heart so they are being naughty." I was a little taken back and said well that's probably true. It's hard to be nice to others when you don't know how much Jesus loves you. So we decided to take the horses to church and tell them about Jesus. It was one of those moments as a mom when you realize he is learning and understands a lot more than you think.

On Friday we had a few friends over from Lifegroup and their kids. Craig was going on an overnight trip with the guys from Lifegroup so I thought I could have the girls over. Micah had so much fun with all the kids. The next morning he asked if all his friends were coming over again. I think he could have friends over every day all day. He is such a social butterfly. His best friends Jackson and Logan came over too. They all ate together at the table and I got to snap a pic of them all!!

Noelle is starting to eat more solids. She is a salty fan. She loves turkey sausage, and ham. I am always surprised how much she eats of it. She has a hard time telling me what she wants and is still throwing lots of food. She seems to like the spoon and giving her pureed food that way. She also wants whatever I am eating still. So I try not to eat in front of her unless it's at the dinner table. I only have a few months left before she needs to be completely weaned and I know it's going to be here fast. She is still so clingy to me, but seems like if we are out and with others she is more likely to forget about the milk. If I'm not around I'm sure she wouldn't cry for it like she does right now. 

Pray for her to get back on a normal schedule and for me not to go too crazy at home all day with these kiddos. I had to take them both for a car ride yesterday at 4 p.m. because I was not in the mood to go another 3 hours with crabby patty. So she took a 30 minute nap in the car while Micah and I got some Dunkin Donuts. He had some donuts before dinner, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do to survive and be sane.

Happy Tuesday!

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

One year old problems

It all started yesterday when I put her down for her afternoon nap. Something just clicked and she decided she needed to stand up and cry the whole time. So after an hour I decided to go get her and skip her nap to go to bed early. So at 7 p.m. I put her down and again she stood up and cried. So after 40 minutes I went in and tried to nurse her and put her back down. She kept crying and then Craig tried to put her down. It wasn't until 9:30 p.m. she fell asleep and I couldn't believe it. So I was hoping it was a fluke, but nope. the same thing today. She wouldn't nap this morning and then fell asleep in the car and now she has been crying for 30 minutes. I really don't know what to do. I feel like every time I go in there it's hurting my chances of her going to sleep. So I had to go outside for a while to cool off.  She's always been a good sleeper. I've had to let her cry it out a lot, but not like this. She is screaming her head off and standing up. I've been calling her "relentless." I feel bad for Micah because he's trying to take a nap too. I am trying to not let it get to me, but it's tough when I know she needs it so bad. I'm not giving up on naps.

We go some cute photos of the kids in from our trip! Here are some photos of us and Hannah and Zeke and Tammi!

These kids are so cute!! I am glad we got all four of them together!!

Friday, January 5, 2018

Home for the Holidays

We got home yesterday and happy to say everything is right where we left it. No burglaries, or stolen TV's and our pipes didn't burst. So we are happy to be back in our beds. Missing all our family already.  I think I heard the word, "MOMMA!" about a hundred BILLION times already and it's only 2 p.m. Micah is excited to be home. I can tell he is so comfortable here and in his zone, but he wants me to see every little move he makes. I don't know why, but it's driving me a bit crazy already. "Look mamma... look at this, look what I did, come chase me." sheeez. I forgot what's it's like to be alone. I looked at Noelle today and said, "Say momma." Then...I thought more about that and decided she can keep quiet as long as she wants...LOL I have enough of my name said today for 4 kids.

I know I shared a few pics from before. I hope ya'll are ready for some more! I am so happy we got to spend so much time in Illinois. We didn't leave anyone out. We saw as many people as we could. Of course it was still hard to leave.  We were all wiped yesterday from the long vacation and plane trip. Both kids went to bed at 7 p.m. and Noelle finally slept all night. She was having a rough time the last few nights. I think she knew I was sleeping in the same room as her. She probably has a good sense of smell like her mom.

I will start with our week at the Hooker's. Lots of Christmas parties to go too and Birthdays to celebrate. Noelle turned ONE on the 23rd and it was so fun to be with everyone and watch her eat her smash cake. She really enjoyed that thing and I was glad it was white.

One of our first nights we took Kim and Gary to Texas De Brazil. A Brazilian restaurant with all your can eat MEAT!! It was downtown and so pretty out.

Kim and I got out nails done and then had a starbucks run. It was a fun girl day without the kids.
At the Schaver Christmas party Tammi did a Cocoa Bar. It was so delicious and creative.
 Miss Noelle was hiding from people at first and decided daddy's legs were a good place.
 Mark and Blair.
 Auntie Tammi. 
 My sweet girl and I
 Playing Bingo and every time someone called out a number Micah would repeat it. And yes it was a long game... haha. It was really cute though.
 Grandma Schaver held Noelle for the game. She just sat in her lap and I was amazed.

Then we have the Hooker party. This was also Noelle's birthday and we celebrated it at the Christmas party with balloons and cake!!


Christmas EVE we woke up to snow!!! It was so beautiful and such a lovely welcome to Christmas.

Christmas day was a bit more relaxed. Tammi and I went to church with Gary and the kids stayed back to get some rest before Christmas Fondue and presents.

The next day we went downtown to the WinterWonderland. Micah had so much fun. He was the perfect age for lots of rides. I was so glad he could do most of them.

 Here we are with our jammies Tammi made for us all. We all had our name on are shirts with Christmas pants. So fun!

Watch out! Auntie Tammi and her liquor. It's scary. haha just kidding. She just took a sip I swear.

 And yes we celebrated Noelle's birthday again with my parents!! Had a little party for her with some dinner and cake! She was a little tired this time around and wasn't as happy eating the smash cake.

 We also took some cousin photos this day in the morning. It was only like 1 degree outside. No big deal.

December 28th
Micah & Noelle get to open more presents and Nana and Papa's house.

 I got to see my childhood friend and also one of my bridesmaids Leah Ipema and her son Nolan. He is only 8 months old. So cute

Noelle styling her cute new outfit

 Snow snow everywhere!! Pretty to look at for sure!!
 Noelle snuggling papa

We go to visit our Bridge family in Des Plaines and see one of our Lifegroup friends. Micah and Madison really enjoyed each other. We even found them hiding in a room together...yikes

 Nicole and I
 Micah loved their decoration. I might steal this for next year. The grinch is ripping their lights off the house. So cool

We're going on a trip in our favorite rocket ship..
 This was too funny not to share.
 We made raisin pie. Paw Paw's favorite pie. It was everything YOU think it would be.
 Auntie Gail meeting Noelle.
 Noelle meeting Jaxon
 Lots of dancing going on in this house.
Sweet little babes all sitting together by the tree.
 Steph and I with our youngests

Lots of giggles and laughs with Nana and Papa so I'm glad I got one last picture of the four of them.

What great memories and great time with family and friends. We are so blessed to have such great people in our lives. Thankful for you all and how you have loved on us and our kids this year. Happy New Year to you all. Let's make 2018 the best!!