Monday, November 6, 2017

Aerosmith Concert

We had so much fun on our first night out of the house (in the middle of the week) with a babysitter so we could go to an Aerosmith concert. It was a free concert put on by AT&T Business Summit and employees got in free. I couldn't believe Steven Tyler is 69 and running around the stage like a crazy man. He definitely did not seem to act his age.  I guess that's why he's a rock star. He loves what he does and it's keeping him young.

We didn't get home until midnight, which is a big deal when you are 31 with little kids. haha

Micah woke up the next day looking for his babysitter and asking where she was because he wanted to play with her. Poor guy is really missing his cousins. He loves his sister and playing with her, but she can only play so much. 

We got our shutters today installed and it looks like a new home. Micah kept asking the guys who were installing them to play with him. I guess I'm no longer his first choice. I am constantly playing with him because he HATES to play alone. I love how social he is but sometimes I just would like to get something done. 

Noelle is trying to walk. Every chance she will try and take a few steps before starting to crawl again.   She is taking two naps during the day and sleeping really well at night. Even sleeping in until 8:30 a.m. nowadays. She still gets up around 4 or 5 a.m. to eat, but goes back to sleep right away.  She is a really good baby. I lucked out twice!! So blessed with these two kiddos. 

Can you all believe Thanksgiving is around the corner and then Christmas? I just don't even know where to start. And the hardest part is it's not only Christmas anymore for me ... it's NOELLE'S Birthday too!!! yikes, I don't know how I'm going to do all this. Also,  I want to cry when I think she will be 1 year old. What happened? I just wanted a baby. No more toddlers please. haha 
She has finally sprung two teeth on the bottom of her gums. We are still exclusively nursing except for a few ounces of a bottle a day just to get some probiotics or miralax in her system. It's been the only way I can keep her digestive system on track. 

We can't wait to see our family for Christmas and celebrate Jesus' birth and my little girls birthday too. What a JOY to celebrate two babies in the same time!!

Love you all

Monday, October 30, 2017


We have been having a blast with our costume this year. We even had to switch it up on Sunday because he had already worn it twice. So he picked a Lion this year and Noelle is a lady bug. We went to a trunk or treat event Saturday night and Sunday Micah dressed up as a cowboy. He had a ton of costumes from Grandmere and Grandpere for Christmas last year.

Today we went to the Arboretum to see all the decorations for halloween and had a blast. Micah is so independent though it is pretty scary. He will just keep going and never make sure I'm around. He really stresses me out since the time I lost him. I tried to keep my cool, but it's tough with a threenager who knows his own way.
Our new friends in Richardson took us to the Arboretum because she has a family pass. So this was awesome because it was all free and lots of fun. Her little boy is named Samuel and she has a little girl a month older than Noelle named Kinsley.

 Micah and Samuel posing next to the scarecrow

 This is my friend Camile with her little Kinsley.

It was a beautiful day today to get outside and enjoy the weather because tomorrow could be rainy and cold. Of course the one day we need to go outside and walk around the neighborhood it will rain. The rest of the week is supposed to be upper 70's and perfect.

Happy Harvest/Halloween everyone!

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

10 Months of Joy

My sweet little baby is getting so big now and approaching the ONE year mark. It's coming way too fast for me. Yesterday I was holding her and said, "When did you get so big?" I mean she is getting huge. I feel like she grew and gained so much over the last week. Had to take her photos without brother this time because he decided to do something mean to her. Overall he loves her and is very sweet, but there are times and this was one of them. I felt bad that I locked him in his room and took her photo, but sometimes you have to do these things.

She is trying really hard to walk on her own. She will be holding on to something and look for somewhere else to walk to but then gets a bit scared. She is finally getting a tooth on the bottom of her gums. It's barely coming through. She's ten months and still barely NO teeth. So funny. Maybe that's why she looks like a huge baby with NO teeth. I love the onesie this month with the pumpkin on her shirt. It's been so fun putting these monthly shirts on her. I have kept up with them all, however, not all of them are still stainless.

Noelle definitely knows what she wants now and will cry if she doesn't get it. She also is getting VERY picky about food. I'm scared she may be a bit harder than Micah in that category. Some times she will eat a squeeze food and other times she pushes it away. Her favorites are frozen blueberries, strawberries, puffs, and sweet potato. It's hard to think of foods for her because she is having such a hard time pooping I can't give her Bananas, Rice, or Applesauce. And these foods are a lot harder NOT to give than you would think.

She is a lot of work now. I really can't get anything done if she's awake these days. She will play by herself in the play room for a bit, but once she's out of there and crawling everywhere I have to be ON POINT> She can handle herself way better than Micah ever did and doesn't get hurt as often. She still is picking up everything and putting in her mouth or trying to eat it. The park is getting difficult since she wants to eat all the wood chips. My mom even found a bug in her mouth one day. She was getting some fiber I guess. haha

Anyways, she is a sweet little girl. Whenever I smile at her she gets this huge grin and gives me the biggest scrunch nose smile ever. It's really cute when strangers smile at her too. She smiles back but then turns her head around quick like she's really shy. But keeps looking back at them and doing it over and over. It's like she wants the attention, but is playing a game with it. I love it. It's adorable. She's my angel baby, rainbow baby, and I love her to pieces.

Captured a little video of our photo time.

Love you all. Have a blessed day!

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Wedding, Birthdays, and Visits

Hey everyone! I'm back and have a lot to tell you all. We went to New Orleans and then celebrated Craig's birthday and had visits from Papa and Nana.

Our trip to New Orleans didn't go as planned with a hurricane threatening our adventure and ended up cutting it short. Meghan and her now husband had to have an impromptu wedding at the dinner rehearsal because the city was shutting down the next day with a curfew at 7 p.m. Everything she had planned had been cancelled. It was so sad, but they got through it and even became a news story on Sunday! We drove practically all day Friday to get there for the rehearsal and ended up leaving the next day around noon. So we didn't even stay for 24 hours. We didn't want to get stuck there with the hurricane and didn't even want to stay the extra night because nothing would have been open. The craziest part was the hurricane didn't even TOUCH New Orleans. All that cancellation for nothing. I felt so bad for Meghan.
Craig and I still dressed in our 50's outfits since we were prepared. I wanted to still make her night special. And we did have a good time still.

We got back early so we took Nana and Papa to our church.

 Then to our favorite Torchy's Taco and then had a popsicle next door and BerryNaked.

Lots of play time in our amazing play  room!
The next day we went to the State Fair. It was a hot hot day and Nana decided it would have been better for her to stay behind. Not sure she could have handled the heat. We did see some fun stuff and eat fried foods!

 And yes Micah's dad got him a poop hat. Don't ask me why...

Fast forward to a few days later when it was nice and cool outside. We headed to the park and then got Micah's hair cut and headed to the mall.

This A&M Sign was a surprise for Craig for his bday. It's from me and his parents. He hung it up in our front living room and I love it!! We also went out to dinner Friday night at an italian restaurant and had Nothing Bundt Cake for dessert!

Nana came and picked Micah up from school with me and he was so excited to show her all the fish.

We found a cute pumpkin patch at a really nice mall on Monday. It was best of both world with being able to go inside and outside because it was a beautiful day!

 So many cute pictures with those pumpkins. I love it and Noelle is about to start walking any day now. It is so hard to keep her still and to smile. I may be the only one who can get her to do it. It's a tough job. haha

We dropped Nana off on Tuesday and it was sad. It was so nice to have someone with me all the time. I was never alone and for me that's enjoyable. Poor Craig had to sleep on an air mattress so I'm sure he was ready to get back to sleeping in his bed.  Tuesday Night we went to Benihana.  Micah loved it. He was mesmerized the whole time.

Sometimes when I just have the regular stroller it becomes a double stroller. haha Micah will hold on to Noelle so we can get from point A to B quickly!!

Today we went to a small park with fake grass so Noelle could crawl around. It was getting rough to take her to parks because she wants to eat all the wood chips.

I can't believe it's Friday tomorrow already. This week sure did fly by. My kids are missing their Nana and Papa, but we are already getting excited to see everyone this Christmas. 

Hope you enjoy all the pics! Love you all