Wednesday, September 20, 2017


Hi everyone. I feel like it's been a long time and I keep saying that. I'm sorry it takes me so long to update, but I have been a Instagram and Snapchat crazy lady. I pretty much do video stories on there daily for family. So sometimes I forget about writing things down. It's so fun to capture a moment and video tape it and send it as soon as possible. So I will try and get on here more. Now that Micah is in school (which is the reason I'm on here RIGHT NOW) I have some time when baby girl is sleeping. 

I went to the doctor on Friday to get my biometric screening done for our health insurance at AT&T. My doctor called me on Saturday letting me know thay I have an underactive thyroid and am at the beginning stages of Hypothyroidism. My mom has it as well, so it's not alarming to me. I will have to start taking medication for it and then I will go back in a month and they will test my blood again to see if my numbers are more normal with it. I guess that's how they determine your dosage too. The symptoms for Hypothyroidism is poor ability to tolerate cold, a feeling of tiredness, constipation, depression and weight gain. I have noticed a bit of weight gain, but overall I don't feel extremely tired or fatigue. I think I have regular mom fatigue. I picked up the medication today and will start trying it tomorrow. I am a bit concerned to take it, but if I feel better than I don't see why not.

Along with being consumed with taking video on snapchat and instagram... I haven't taken ANY photos this past weekend. AHHH I just checked and I was surprised myself!! I didn take a video of Noelle using her toy to walk.  You guys...she is going to be walking at 9 months old!!! Seriously. I can't even deal with it. Right when I put on in school the other one is walking. I knew it was going to happen, but I'm still not ready for it.

Micah has been a little more difficult lately, but that's what the 3's are all about right? He is reverting back to pooping in his pants some days and I feel like he's doing it to get attention. It's definitley not good attention, but attention non the least. His teacher says he's doing good and going to the bathroom at school. He goes pee fine, it's just the poop that is starting to come out before he can get to the toilet. Also, when he's tired he likes to torcher his sister. He loves her but loves to torcher her even more sometimes. He just holds onto her foot when she tried to crawl and won't let her go anywhere. Sometimes I can't help but laugh and I try to cover it up because I can't let him think it's funny!!

Craig is dealing with constantly sneezing and I have a bad cough. We think it may be allergies, but now sure. It's still so hot and gross here. I think next week we may be in the high 80's and I need that so bad!! I am stuck inside!! Craig and I did get our flu shots so hopefully that will help us when we go home this year. Praying already that everyone stays healthy!!

So we are gearing up for our trip to New Orleans and I am about ready to start making a routine list for my parents. I hope it goes well. I don't want to have too many do and donts cuz everyone is different. Things may work for me that does not for them. So I will make it easy. I am excited to get away for a little bit!! 

It's coming up so fast. I need to get a gift. Can't wait to celebrate a lovely friend. 

Love you all

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Top Golf

Happy Tuesday!!

We had so much fun on our day date on Saturday. Top golf was a blast and it was a beautiful day out. I loved it. I was hitting the ball really well and so was Craig. Even if you're not good at golf it's still super fun to play. I even beat Craig one of the games and he was not happy!! It's like bowling, but outside and fresh air.

 We also went to grab a bite to eat after our game. We went to a New Orleans type of restaurant to get ready for our trip soon.

Here's me and my swing.

On Sunday we went to church in the morning and then went to Lifegroup and found a new place for dinner after picking up the kids. Noelle was dressed all cute and I finally found her a cute blue headband. I love blue on this girl. She is so cute.

  It was called Piada Italian Street Food. Craig wasn't a big fan, but I thought it was really tasty. Looks good right?

We didn't get much accomplished, but we had a great time. 

Also...good news, we purchased our flights last night to Chicago for Christmas. We are so excited to see everyone and for some family members to finally meet Noelle. She will be turning ONE while we are there. It will be so nice for her to be with family on her birthday! I love that she will have a special day. Even though she won't remember... I WILL!!

Saturday, September 9, 2017


Micah's first week in preschool went really well. I think I was more nervous than he was. He seems to really enjoy his class and being independent. He just walks right in and doesn't look back. His teacher is still pretty quiet, but she seems very sweet. There are only 6 kids in his class. ONLY six!!! Isn't that amazing?? I think it's because they added the class last minute. The first day there were only 4 kids there and I think 5 on Friday. So he will be getting good attention in this class for sure. Next week we start carpool. I hope it goes well. I can still drop him off if I want too, but it will be nice to keep Noelle in the car and just keep driving. Fridays we still have to pick them up in their rooms, but I will have three out of the four times for carpool (drop off). I'm so excited for him and me to be able to have some time away and get some stuff done!!

He is obsessed with playing mario kart with his dad. He even has a mario lunch box now. It's making me a little worried how much he wants to play. It's something they love to do together which is cute, but not much for creative playing.

We are dropping off our kids this morning at a friends house and having some "couple" time. We have a sweet friend who suggested we switch kids some weekends and I took her up on it right away. Especially since we just celebrated our anniversary. On Tuesday we did go out for dinner and took both kids! We went for Italian food and they both did great. Micah loves spaghetti and meatballs because of Lady and the Tramp.
The food was amazing and I didn't have to cook which was even better.
 Micah ran away for this pic.
 It's always so dark in Italian Restaurants.

Here is a cute little video of Micah and Craig reenacting the scene from Lady and the Tramp.

Thursday we met our friends at a park and played all day. They had so much fun. 

 Micah said, "Momma you have white and brown hair." So guess what? I put a hat on!! haha And then of course he wanted to wear his hat. So we were twinning. 

When Micah is at school I also get to have some time with Noelle and I got a video singing to her. She usually smiles and loves it. This time she just looked at me. Still cute though.

Praying for all of those about to get hit in Florida. So much going on with the hurricane season. It's so  weird to just sit and wait for devastation and there's nothing you can do. Just sit and wait. Can't imagine how hard it is to leave your home and not know if you will come back to it or not. Praying for everyone!

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Happy Anniversary

Happy Anniversary to my one and only. We are pushing through these last couple of weeks and looking forward to our weeekend alone. I'm so happy my roommate from college is getting married so we can have an excuse to get out by ourselves for a little while. Thankful for my parents coming down to help. I think I'm getting more and more burnt out and I feel myself getting upset, anxious and annoyed so much more than I'm used too. I think Micah starting school tomorrow will help me feel a bit better, but still feeling alone and helpless. I know it will take us a little while to get our routine and babysitters down. I am so grateful for the few friends we do have and the people we have met.

We spent Labor Day at the Dye's house and got to swim in their beautiful pool and both my kids were loving it. They had so much fun. Also Ashley had her parents in town. So we got to visit with them and they are so excited to be grandparents that my kids got some extra love. Ashley is due on October 16th. It's so close. I can't wait for our little girls to be friends and play together just like we did when we were little. Crazy how things come around full circle. We have pictures of us when we were little in our strollers....and now in Texas we will have our two girls in strollers. Maybe we will try and recreate the same picture.

Some pics from this weekend...

Friday we spent the morning with our new friend Samuel. They play so well together and really are starting to have a great friendship.

Saturday we went shopping to get Micah his backpack and lunchbox for school. We also got some amazeballs and rode the train!

Ashley had this cute pink camo highchair for outside. (love that she has kid stuff now) and Noelle sat in it almost the whole time and ate food. She loved it.

 Here they are swimming in the Dye's pool and loving the little cave part.

 The girls. Noelle, Ashley, Me and Caryn.

This first video is of them playing in the cave. It was so cute I had to capture it.

This video of Noelle....well we thought she was going to fall asleep and I wanted to catch it on camera. But she held it together. haha

So ...happy 8 years to my love and the one I call "home" because wherever he is that's where we are home. Kind of ironic that I sang, "It feels like Home to me" at our wedding. I mean it's been our life. He is my HOME and forever will be. Love you hunny!

Thursday, August 31, 2017


What an emotional week for so many people in the Houston area with the flooding. It's been so weird because we taught Micah the flood song before all this happened and he is singing it all the time. You know the song with these lyrics: "The wise man built his house upon the rocks, and the rain came tumbling down. The rain came down and floods came up, and the house on the rock stood strong. The foolish man built his house upon the sand.... and so on." The moral of the story is to build your foundation or life on Jesus Christ and instead of earthly things. But the whole concept of the flooding right now is devastating for those who lost their houses. Really puts this song into perspective. As long as we have Jesus everything else will be gone. Our homes, vehicles, clothes, everything! Just like a real flood, and all the devastation is showing that these things will pass and our family and God is the most important. While it's easy to say it's much harder to live through it. Praying for all those affected and thankful for our home right now. Even though we own this home I don't want it to consume us and we always need to remember not to count on these things. They will fail us.
So many of you probably know the so one of the verses is, "The blessings come down as the prayers go up." And I love that. Seeing all the blessings through a tragedy is pretty amazing. I want to say sometimes these big events happen and you wonder why God would do something like this. Then you see people loving on strangers and helping those around them and you realize how God can show love through these types of tragic catastrophes.

Today was a big day for us. We went to visit Micah's new school and teacher. It was a little hard with both kids, but we made it through. Micah didn't take a nap yeserday so we put him to bed at 7:20 p.m. and he woke up at 7 a.m. which was what I wanted since we needed to be at orientation at 9 a.m. It was good practice to get there at that time. His teacher's name is Mrs. Parker and was very sweet. She has a very soft voice and it was a little hard to hear with tons of kids in the room. Hopefully we can get to know her more throughout the year. He starts next week already!! I'm so so so excited. I realized yesterday that I could actually book some appoinments on the days he is in school. It was so weird to think I would only have one baby for a whole day!

Noelle is pretty crazy now though. She wants to get down and crawl and do everything her brother is doing. I think she will stay in the stroller if we are moving around, but not when we are staying in one place. She still loves to eat, so much so that she is having constipation and hard poo. We are giving her prunes, and pear juice. It's a constant battle to get all that out of her belly. She is in good spirits though, so I don't think I'm too concerned yet.  Here are her 8 month photos:

Over the weekend we had Micah's friend Jackson and Logan birthday party. It was so cute. She did a trolls/batman theme since she has two boys. They both wanted different themes. I loved all her ideas. We got to make masks and troll hair. She is pretty great. I love being back here to see her and her boys. Micah and Jackson have been friends since they were in our belly's. And they LOVE each other. I'm so grateful for that.

We met some friends at Watters Creek on Tuesday and it was actually cooler out. The hurrican is making our weather a bit more barable. Micah had fun with all the boys. Charlie, Henry, Ben, and Owen and Noelle is the only girl. 

She just loves clapping. IT's her new thing. All the time!!

We are celebrating 8 years on the 5th! I can't believe it. I love having this extra day on the weekend to celebrate our wedding!! haha.

Love you all and hope you have a safe and fun labor day.