Wednesday, July 19, 2017

hey Ya'll

IT happened. I'm saying it now. I'm saying YA'LL or Y'ALL or however you want to write it. I do it all the time. I can't help it. I mean YOU GUYS still comes out a lot, and I hear Micah saying, "you guys" way more, so it may take him awhile to get used to this new language.  I guess it only took 5 years of living in the South!

I'm so thankful that I found Micah a preschool for this fall. I went and checked out one by my house that had an opening for Tues/Wed/Thurs from 9-12 and it seemed to be a great fit until I got an email back from a really nice place that they were opening up a two day program from 9-2p.m. After this week of being in camp from 9-12 p.m. everyday I realize how important it is for me to have: first off a break in between days and secondly LONGER days. It keeps going by SOOO fast. I can barely get anything done. So this will be perfect. Two days and 5 hours each. Then he atleast gets a break in between and we have MOMS Connection every other Thursday. It seems like it was meant to be. I am so thankful to realize how everyday school would have been HORRIBLE. Seriously. Some mornings I just want to chill!!! I don't want to run out everyday. I thought it would be nice, but I'm so grateful this is going to be what our fall looks like. A few days away so mommy can have some free time (with Noelle) and lots of snuggle time in between. He's been really loving camp this week, but it's just so stressfull trying to get there at 9 a.m. We barely wake up by 8 a.m. It has been a great learning experience for both of us.

His potty training is complete. I can leave him in underwear at camp now. I just make sure to take him potty before we leave the house. Everything is falling into place. I took a little video of some home furnishings. We still have so much to do... but who doesn't? Will it ever be completed? Probably not, and that's OK.

Here's the video

Noelle is about to start crawling. She's getting so close. Right when Micah is about to start school, I will have another one to run after. GREAT!! She's so cute and excited though, I love it. I am starting to need more 12-18month stuff for her. She seems so long. And still has those thighs...which might be gone soon.

Tomorrow is my birthday and I am really feeling the 30's this year. I even bought some eye cream from a friend. Like the really expensive kind too!! haha i need it.
Craig and I are still doing well at the gym. Did cycling again last night and maybe I can do zumba again tonight.

We are really missing having our cousins and family around. Can't wait to see everyone for Christmas.

Micah got to hang out with some friends from 2 years ago. Jackson was born in August and is a few months younger than Micah and Logan is a year younger. Calie had them close together. She lives in Plano now and has a nice pool in her backyard that we will be visiting a lot this summer!!

Love you all

Friday, July 14, 2017

Going on 3 weeks

I can't believe tomorrow will be three weeks that we have been in our new home. It's starting to feel like home. We were able to sell our old couch on Tuesday night and had new furniture delivered on Wednesday. I really don't know how we get so lucky sometimes. Everything just seems to be going right. I went to Hobby Lobby yesterday and it was so overwhelming. I couldn't believe all the bible verses they had for signs. I wanted to fill my house with God's word. It was so cool to be able to buy them for a good price. I got a few cute signs and a candle holder, also I am making an H with our house number on it for our back and front door. I'm trying to be creative, but it's scary when I know it's forever decoration!
Here are a few signs I picked up.

Noelle was a great little shopper with me while Micah was at day camp. We seriously just went to Hobby Lobby and it was time to pick him up! I could have been in there all day!!

Bible study on Monday we talked about the Holy Spirit. We read in Acts about Pentecost when the disciples were filled with the Holy Spirit and they started talking in different languages. It was really cool to think about and remember that the Holy Spirit is with us where ever we go. We have been having a ton of storms here and the thunder can be so loud, it shakes the house. I told the girls that overtime I hear the thunder I think it's the end. I feel the power of the ONE creator and think he is returning. Does anyone else feel this way? There are many times in the bible where thunder is used as a sign of power. So one of the girls shared this photo with us that she keeps on her phone (that she took here) of a storm and reminds her daily of the power of God. It's really cool to look and I love that he reminds us with daily things, but this one is the one that makes me stop in my tracks and prayer. I pray every time I hear the thunder.  Maybe you will too now?

Sleep training has worked. She is sleeping through the night and very happy in the mornings. Sometimes these two just want to snuggle together without me and here is the proof.

Noelle is starting to grunt more. It's really making me laugh. She grunts when she wants something of she is a little upset. It's really funny. I grunt back and her now and we have a grunting game. Seems like she is trying to crawl.. but I'm trying to put a stop to that! haha

Craig and I went to the gym last night and did a cycling class. It was a killer for both of us. I don't know how well we will be able to sit down today. We are excited to be working out again together. It's been too long. 

I'm so thankful for him and all he has done for us. This is a great home for my kids and I am so blessed. 

Love you all

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Sleep train

We started 2 days ago. It's going well. I decided to stop going in her room when she cries at night. She was getting up 2 or 3 times a night. She would nurse and go straight back to bed. I am giving her more solids and feel like she should be fine at night. So I had to put my hard hat on and decide to let her cry it out at night.
I think the first night was the hardest (expectantly) and she cries for about 30 minutes around midnight.  It was a long time. I had to turn up my own sound maker so I didn't hear it. It was not easy...but it needed to be done. The last two nights she has cried but only for a few minutes here and there.
Last night she got up around 1230am and cried for a few and then slept till 6am. It's getting better. Then she nursed and went back to sleep till 730am.
Of course Micah slept in today till 830am...sheesh. I'm glad he is feeling comfortable in his room. He did tell me he heard something last night and it sounded like a boom and he thought it was a monster. He must have went back to sleep though because I never heard him knock.
I've been turning his sound machine pretty loud so he doesn't hear Noelle cry. I don't think he can hear her but I definitely can.
We are really loving our new home and are getting our new couch delivered wednesday. It's been a little harder to sell the big Brown couch here.  I'm not sure why. It's really great but j think too big for people to pick up.
Not sure what we will do if it doesn't sell soon. Thankfully we have the front room to store it for a little bit.
Craig started his new job and is still getting used to the people and work. Takes him about 40 minutes to take the train to work. It's not bad commute.
We have been going to our old church. The childcare director saw us and recognized us right away because she is also a Hooker! Hah Us Hookers stick together.
So my church had a parent's day out this week I'm taking Micah too and then the next week I found a camp for him to go too all week. It's from 9-1230. I'm excited for him and me!! Haha maybe I will get some shopping done.

Here are the professional photos we had done in my neighborhood before I left. So cute and makes me miss them all so much!

Love you all

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Lost Boy

I decided to make a separate post about our Fourth of July experience yesterday. We had an unusual, scary situation. FIRST OFF-- the beginning of the day was nice. We saw a little parade on our neighborhood street and they had a picnic with games and food afterward. I met a few families with young kids and two with baby girls.

I'm not sure why, but I got a medal for some reason. It was a pretty day.

Later that evening we went to a 4th of July Celebration in Richardson. They had food, park, bounce house, and live music. 

These pics were taken before I lost Micah. It was my fault. Probably the most scared I've ever been since being a mom. Craig had gone to get food and the line was pretty long. I took Micah to the potty and then needed to feed Noelle. I told him to stay by me and on the blanket... but that only lasted so long. I could see the park from where I was sitting so I let him go and told him to stay at the park. I could see him playing and looking back and making sure I was still there. I would wave to him and he would look back to see me every so often. I was about done feeding Noelle and put her in the stroller to head over to the park. Right when I got there I couldn't find him. It was not a big park. Very small...but a million kids. So I went around and around. I thought I was going crazy. I'm thinking.. He is hiding in a slide or something and I will see him soon. Starting to panic I circled around the park seeing if I could spot him around the outside area. I saw so many kids everywhere. I thought for sure he may have seen bubbles, or a ball and wondered off. I knew he couldn't be too far. He was JUST right there.  5 minutes felt like an eternity. I called Craig and he was still in line for food. I told him what happened and he said he would be there shortly. I almost starting balling on the phone, but I tried to hold it together. My heart was beating so fast and I couldn't catch my breath but kept circling around and around. Thinking he would go back to the blanket or come back to the park. Nothing. I asked people at the park if they had see a blonde boy. It was so much chaos I knew no one would be able to help me. I remembered seeing the police on bikes riding around and I starting looking for them. Poor Noelle was in the stroller being tossed and turned all sorts of ways. I spotted the police and ran for them with the stroller.

I told them I lost my son and I needed help. All the sudden a multitude of police officers and firefighters were there asking me questions. They told me a boy was at the information desk looking for his family. I asked him to check if he had white hair and they told me the boy didn't fit my description. Then another lady came up saying a little boy was lost and when she was bringing him down... it wasn't him either.

It was about 15 minutes (but felt like an hour) later. Finally Craig came down the hill and the officers said they got a call from the info desk they had a blonde boy named Micah. I couldn't believe my ears. I was so happy and relieved. I was just hoping there wasn't TWO micah's lost. The officers took me in their patrol vehicle up to where they were keeping him. The officer's were so kind to us. When I reached the top of the hill and the officer was holding Micah my heart sank and I felt like I could breath again. He had gotten so far away from me. I have no idea how he got that far. He told me he was looking for me. I held on to him tightly when they gave him to me and smelled his sweaty head. It was the best smell ever. I was still trying to take it all in. I didn't want to be mad at him. I just wanted him to know how happy I was to find him.

I know these experiences are great lessons. Everyone has lost their child (usually) at some point. You always think the worst things, but there are great people in the world today. Sometimes you have to hold on to that hope when these things happen. I joke around all the time asking if people would like a three year old and I feel like I learned my lesson. Even though he is a challenge some days, I want him to be my challenge and no one elses.  I hope this is the last time this happens. At least I know how fast it can happen now. It felt like a complete second before he had vanished.

Also a great lesson was for Micah to find out how wonderful Police and Firefighters are. He was able to ride with them and talk with them by himself. He told them his name and that he was lost. Thankful he is three and can talk and is very smart.

Love you all and thankful I have both my kids today safe at home.

NJ Update

Look how cute these two are. They love each other and play so well together. Micah is always so happy to make her smile and giggle. He is the only one who can make her belly laugh.

Here is a little clip of her laughing. It really does melt my heart. 

I finally got around to taking Noelle's 6 month photo. I still can't believe it. She wants to eat everything still. She is trying to crawl, but still just rolls around to get where she wants. She will suck down a whole squeeze at one sitting. She likes bananas and watermelon. She can't sit up on her own yet. She is one smiley baby. It's not hard to get a good pic of her, it's just hard to choose ONE.

Here she is eating. It's so messy, but worth it.

Here's a cute video of her when I went to get her after her nap.

Her room is almost finished. We are just waiting on her curtains to come in. 

Now that we live on a normal block with sidewalks we can take out his four wheeler. He loved it. He was telling me how much fun he was having. He also is three and has to stop every 5 seconds to look at something or tell me something. We decided to just go up and down the street from now on because around the block took way too long. Cute thing was he kept asking me where the blocks were. I tried to explain what I meant about going around the "block" but he just kept saying, "MoM I want to go over the blocks." OH the joys of being 3.

When the cable guy came to our house to install Direct TV, Micah answered the door and said, "Hello what's your name?" He said, Dylan and Micah went on, "Can I give you a hug?" I was a little taken back by the question and tried to brush him off and told him maybe later. haha Not sure why he wanted to hug a stranger. He must be a little too friendly these days. 

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Back to Texas

We did it. We made it to Texas. Thanks to our family we were able to make the drive with all our stuff and our two vehicles. We made two night stops at a hotel and everyone got their own bed. Craig reserved three rooms so everyone was comfortable and was able to get enough sleep for the next day. It's been a crazy whirlwind of emotions these last couple of days. From saying goodbye and now saying hello to old friends. People have wanted me to come out and do stuff, but I just haven't had any time. We are so grateful for all the help this week. I don't know what I would have done without Tammi and the kids helping with Micah. Gary has been awesome per usual. Always making me laugh and selflessly giving up his time to help in any way he can.

We are going to miss everyone so much in Atlanta. I can't even begin to imagine how disappointed Micah will be once he understands he can't see his friends or his cousins anymore. Especially when Hannah and Zeke leave reality is going to set in. He is definitely three now. All the signs of being a threenager are coming through. He's going to be a lot of work this next year.  Thankfully he is still a sweet big brother and is very loving to his sister.

His sister by the way wants to eat everything. If we sit at the table or eat ANYTHING in front of her she gets mad and wants to eat something too! This girl...chunky monkey for sure.

We have so many videos to share with you. One from me and then Gary and then an updated house video. I haven't really had time to take care of myself, so don't mind the hair and no makeup. We are trying to take a few breaks and get out and have some fun. The rain has followed us to Texas though, so it's been tough to do anything outside.

I think we are really going to enjoy this home. There's a lot of little things to be done, but overall it's going to be a great home for Micah and Noelle to grow up in. I have to remind myself that we OWN this home. It's hard to feel like it's ours because I've never had that before. It's also very, very scary.

I already have bible study group starting up next week. So I am jumping in head first with these two kiddos and this community. I do need to find a preschool ASAP, but I'm praying that will all work out for us.

This was a picture from the hotel and we were all ready to get on the road again!

We found a place called Amazeballz Cake Balls. They were so good and I loved the name!!

 All the kids got to choose which kind they wanted.

 Noelle and Micah playing for the first time in their new home!

This girl is already wanting to take the wheel.. Yikes

We went to Watters Creek and tried to get a cute cousin photo. Micah did not want to cooperate at all, but we managed to snag a few. Wish he would listen when we call him. I think something might be wrong with his hearing. LOL

Noelle loved just laying in the grass. 

I'm so so so excited for our future here as a family and hoping all of you can come out to visit one day! Love you all

Friday, June 16, 2017

Home owners

It happened at the last minute....but God is so so so so good. It appraised for 350,000 and we are now closing on the 22nd.  One day past the original date. He had no repairs we needed to do and we are set to sign the papers! I can't believe it.

We are so thrilled to have a home to move to and finally call it our own!!

Last night we did pics with our neighbors and tonight we have a little going away pool party at the pool.  I almost cried last night and I feel very emotional. HAPPY and sad and all the feels.

Thank you all for the prayers and love.